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We supply high quality yet competitively priced cardboard and specialist shredders to turn waste cardboard into packaging or animal bedding. The demand for these products is growing as they are easy to re-use or recylcle again.

W H A T   W E   D O 

We are specialists in cardboard shredders and offer you unbiased access to the right machinery to meet your requirements. We have supplied shredders across the globe into many applications - so call on our expertise!

You could lease a cardboard shredder for just £5 per week? And save the costs of getting rid of your waste board. These shredders improve profitability. Most of our customers spend much less on a shredder than buying in product and so return on investments is excellent.


W H Y  C H O O S E  U S



Affordable payment plans available to our business customers


The Benefits of Financing with UK Shredders:


UK Shredders has partnered with finance provider Tower Leasing Ltd to provide you with the option of a more affordable solution to suit your business needs.


By choosing to finance our products, you will be able to enjoy some fantastic benefits:


Keep cash flow within the business.


Get the equipment you want when you need it, not just when budgets allow.


Enjoy 100% tax relief rentals payable.


Pay weekly, monthly or quarterly payments over a chosen period of time rather than handing over one large lump sum.


Keep up with the latest technology by upgrading the equipment at any time throughout the lease period.


Structure your lease payments to suit your budgetary needs and allowances.


Protect your existing credit lines by using leasing as an alternative funding facility.




    Lease v Buy Example:


    On a machinery purchase worth £7,500 ex VAT, over 3 years.


    Cash Purchase                                                                                                                         Lease Rental (quarterly payments in example)


     Year         Capital Allowance              Tax Relief                                                                  Capital Allowance                    Tax Relief

       1             18% of £7,500 = £1,350         Less 21% = £283.50                                                 4 rentals of £817.73                   Less 21% = £686.89

       2             18% of £6,150 = £232.47       Less 21% = £232.47                                                  4 rentals of £817.73                   Less 21% = £686.89

       3             18% of £5,043 = £907           Less 21% = £190.47                                                  4 rentals of £817.73                   Less 21% = £686.89


    Total Tax Relief:£702.44                                                                                                          Total Tax Relief:£2,060.67


    The customer who chose to lease gained £1,358.23 in tax relief




The Lease Process


             Step 1:  You would like to lease some equipment?

             UK-Shredders has a lease finance option in place.


                      Step 2:  Quotation.

                      Tower will send you a lease quote clearly outlining set monthly/quarterly rental payments over a period of 2, 3, 4 or 5 years.


                              Step 3: Credit acceptance

                              If you would like to go ahead, Tower will take care of the credit clearance and administration.

                              Once Tower have cleared your business for credit you will receive your lease agreement.


                                        Step 4: Your order will be processed

                                        Once Tower has received your signed lease agreement the order will be processed.

                                        Your lease agreement is activated and you begin to pay the monthly/quarterly payments over the chosen period.



For more information please visit our finance page.