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MD425 Cardboard Shredder

£3,999.00 (Sold out)

The MD425 series can process up to 6 cubic metres of material per hour. It will also shred paper or newspaper up to 100 sheets thick at a time. The MD425 series is fitted with lockable heavy duty castor wheels, so can easily positioned in the work place.

The MD425 produces matting from waste cardboard. The matting is soft, flexible and so proves more popular for wrap packaging goods. It can also be used simply as void fill within packing cases.

The MD425 series have a long life and very powerful 5hp single phase motor. Please note, due to the specialist nature of this motor, there is an extended lead time in delivering this machine of up to 3 months. There is a 67mm port on the side of the machine to which you can connect dust extraction equipment, if the machine is being used in a confined space or for long periods of time, to provide a better working environment.

The shredder will cut up small metal staples and a certain amount of tape, but care should be taken not to feed large solid items into the shredder. There is a reverse option on the motor, so if a solid object or a thickness of cardboard becomes jammed, it can be reversed and cleared.

The cutter is open ended so sections of cardboard of any width can be fed through the shredder. The machine then cuts off the cardboard 420mm from the side so the cardboard can then be fed through again until it has all been shredded.

- Cutting width 420mm

- maximum recommended thickness of cardboard to shred 20mm.

- Single phase 220volt motor.

- supplied with cable.

- 3.7KW motor (5hp)

- Operating noise level 64-68 decibels

- Cutting speed 39ft / min. (11.89M/min)

- Weight 164KG

- Width 698mm, depth 482mm, height 965mm

- 12 months warranty. Please see the website for terms and conditions.

- Supplied with instruction booklet.

- CE approved.We would recommend using an electrical supply fed through a RCD for extra safety.

The shredder requires no specialist maintenance. The drive chains should be oiled every 500 hours of use, or once a year. The shredder will shred most types of cardboard, however there are some very rigid cardboards used for example on pallet boxes that the shredders will not shred. If you use this type of very rigid cardboard we would advise sending us a sample to make sure it is suitable to be shredded by our machines.